The WLTP: realistic consumption for more transparency.

From September 2017, the WLTP is creating greater transparency thanks to a more realistic driving profile, amongst other things. Thanks to the new cycle measured values are generally higher.

The WLTP: more transparency.

More dynamic driving profile.

WLTP for all EU countries.

From September 2017. From September 2018. From September 2019. End of 2020.
All vehicle models to be newly certified (cars) in terms of emissions will be tested according to WLTP. At the same time, an NEDC consumption value will continue to be determined for these vehicles and will continue to be issued as the legally required specification in the sales documents as well as all further publications for the immediate future.

For new forthcoming models in addition, as part of a road test, the so-called Real-Driving-Emission-Test (RDE), it will be tested that the Euro 6 limit values for nitrogen oxide and particle count are not exceeded taking into account conformity factors
The complete vehicle portfolio is certified by WLTP. The new WLTP values are individually calculated for each vehicle and prospectively included in the sales documents as well as all further publications. Discontinued models are given NEDC consumption.

In parallel to the WLTP it is confirmed for all newly approved vehicles that, as part of an RDE test, they do not exceed the Euro 6 limit values for the number of emitted particles taking into account a conformity factor.
For all newly approved vehicles it is checked, as part of an RDE test, that these Euro 6 limit values for nitrogen oxide, taking into account a conformity factor, are not exceeded. By the end of 2020, both WLTP and NEDC values will be determined for all vehicles. From the respective vehicle certification, these values can be found in the car documents. From 2021, the determined WLTP measurement values will be the only consumption and emission values for all cars. Second-hand vehicles are not affected by this conversion, they will continue to keep their certified NEDC values, as long as they were approved for the first time before 31 August 2017.

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